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Policies and Procedures

I have many policies/procedures in place to avoid possible misundertandings. You will be asked to sign and date a form to confirm you have been given and read a copy of ALL of the following;

  • Childminding Registration Certificate
  • Childminder Public Liablilty Insurance Certificate
  • Contracts
  • Latest Inspection Report
  1. Contract of Agreement Policy
  2. Parent Relationship
  3. Confidentiality Policy
  4. Emergency Accident/Incident Policy
  5. Missing Child Policy and Dropping Off and Collection/Non Collection Policy
  6. Fire Plan Policy and Evacuation Procedure
  7. Safeguarding including use of Mobile Phones and Cameras and Non Collection/Uncollected Child
  8. Sick Child Policy (covering Infections, illness)
  9. Medicines
  10. Equal Opportunities/Religion Policy including Special Needs Policy
  11. Review Policy
  12. No Smoking Policy
  13. Health Eating Policy including Diet and Allergies Policy
  14. Managing Behaviour Policy
  15. Risk Assessment Policy including Outings, Outdoor Play Risk Assessments
  16. Health and Safety Policy
  17. Sun Protection Policy
  18. Personal Belongings Policy
  19. Complaints Policy

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